Has anyone seen the Babouska Boston in Black Leather at the NM sale?

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  1. HI, I haven't posted in so long, but I am currently in need of some help finding this bag. I am visiting Chicago, spotted it within 5 minutes of doing my 1st shopping extravaganza, but did NOT pull the trigger because it was the 1st bag I saw, 1st store I went into...you get the point. Well after obsessing over it all night I went back the next morning and it was sold. The SA located a few others at different NM stores (she didn't tell me which ones), but said with the Last Call sale she could not contact another store for it until the pre-sale was over.

    So has ANYONE seen this black leather boston style babouska bag at their local Nieman Marcus store in the past day or so. I really want to find it!!! Thanks for the help in advance!
  2. Do you have a picture of this bag? I'm going into NM Atlanta today.
  3. HI, oh my gosh I would appreciate so much if you looked. I am out of town with no ability to upload a pic., but if you look under the thread GUCCI sales, deals, etc. There is a pic posted of it on page 59 (out of 61) and it is the 1st picture in post number #874.
    If you see it I will call immediately to order it. I want it so much. The price is so much better at NM than at a Gucci store.
  4. What size? Check out the outlet thread above. I know that San Marcos got a shipment in of babouska bostons.