has anyone seen soho stiched flap??

  1. I am wanting a soho stiched flap bad!!!!! I am wondering if anyone has seen them in the outlets yet? Thanks in advance for any help!!!
    please please let me know if you ahve seen her! Ellen
    coach bag.jpg
  2. OOOH! That is one pretty bag!:wtf:
  3. I'm not an outlet shopper, but my Mom has this bag and it is FLIPPIN gorgeous!
  4. Didn't see it at Rehobeth last Tues. I'm going to Hagerstown this Tues. I'll let you know if I see one.
  5. Thanks!!! i live near an outlet in Fremont Indiana, they acted like they had never seen her, but it has been on the website since November. Please keep your eyes out!!!!! thanks again, Ellen :smile: :smile:
  6. I believe that would be one of the items that should be on its way to the outlet if there was a supply of them left.

    My advice, check Monday with them to see if they got any in. Good luck.
    It is a beautiful bag.
  7. i have the stiched wristlet and i love it...i cant wait til the flap hits the outlet
  8. haven't seen it here in texas
  9. Is THIS the bag?

    eBay auction#
    I don't know if they are the same color, but hope it helps!
  10. Yes, those are it, but I really want the rose, and I was hoping for an outlet store to get them so I did not have to do eBay for it! Thanks for the help, I will watch them and see if I can get in on at least 1.
  11. oh thats one hot bag! I have not seen it in the outlet in CA.
  12. No prob! I am on EBAY a lot anyways!:yes:
  13. they shouldn't be in....for another couple of weeks...but for the rose color...ekk...my store only had the flap left, one of each, in mahgony and white left. and that's whats being transferred. can't say of other stores.

    but good luck with your search! just becareful on ebay! if you're searching double check and see if it's authentic in the sticky!
  14. Thanks, that is another reason I am not wanting to do an ebay purchace on it. Just don't like giving a stranger that much $$$ when I can not have it in my hand to check out first!!!!
    keep your eyes peeled please!!!!! ellen
  15. I went to my local outlet today outside Pittsburgh and they had the black stiched flap and white stiched flap as well as brown signature as well as the HObo's in brown and signature brown but I did ask about the rose and they said they did not see any. They were discounted 30 percent only with their normal 10 percent already off. I love the rose one also and only seen it once in the coach store. Good luck and keep your eye out because they are at the outlets now.