Has anyone seen a brown City at any NM???

  1. I have to exchange a Chloe bag I purchased at NM and I am dying for a brown/Truffle/Caramel or any medium to dark brown City. I called NM in SF and their service is terrible, they will not even attempt to locate one for me :cursing:. I hate shopping at NM........that is a whole new thread though. I just need to find this bag though, TIA!
  2. Kristie,
    I am going to NM in Sf tomorrow. I can look for you.
  3. NM tysons galleria, Va had some today.
  4. Call the NM at the King Of Prussia Mall in Pa., they have a large selection of B Bags and if they don't have the truffle, they will call around for you, they have for me and located a bag I wanted real bad. Good Luck!!
  5. NM in SF was the only one I talked to, they said they had none and they would not help me find one. Thx tho ;)
  6. Wow, thx, I will call them tomorrow. They are probably closed already today ;)
  7. NM at International Mall, Tampa had alot of Truffe's last time i was there... i dont remember seeing any cities, but they keep alot of bags thrown all over the store and in drawers, so it's possible :yes:

    also, the truffes they DID have had really nice leather.
  8. I called today and the lady on the phone said they only had black????