Has anyone run into a scammer with any of these SNs:

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  1. If you have had any run ins with a scammer with these SNs or similar located in Northern California, please PM me. These are all known SNs of the same person.

    If you know of a female scammer in Northern California (Sacramento / Bryte area) who you know by a different SN, please pm me so we can see if they may be the same individual.

    1. FaerieGoddess
    2. Luvmahfamily
    3. Monokuroboolove
    4. Kuromirocks
    5. Kawaiiluvr
    6. Iluvthiscrazysocalledlife
    7. xoxoxowithlove
    8. xoxowithlove
    9. IamGlamorous
    10. LovemeorHatemeyouchoose
    11. angelbaby

    I'm doing manual searches on the forums here and elsewhere. I know I've seen a few of these in some of the communities I'm in I just can't remember which ones. If you recognize any of these or something strikes you as familiar please feel free to pm me.

    Thank you.
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    Last edited: Sep 21, 2010
    Adding these SNs:

    12. Heartsonfire12
    13. Robertswife
    14. Faeriedust

    ETA two more:

    15. SAHMislove
    16. SAHMof3islove