Has anyone purchased from wendell_62vae AKA Chic Little Devil?

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  1. ^^LOL holy crap! 66 negatives in the last 12 months! YIKES!
  2. Omg!!!! As if people are still buying from her!! I just love the way she keeps saying all people have to do is ask for a refund..somehow I dont see every single buyer not emailing her for a refund first..i would imagine its the first thing they do!! Her insane amount of negatives all saying the same thing just prove that shes doing something wrong!
  3. That track record is just disturbing....
  4. I would steer clear from this seller!
  5. Their feedback are just embarrassing. The most of claims are for the bad condition of the items. I'll stay away.
  6. definitely one to avoid.

  7. Are you still considering buying?
  8. ^ hope not !
  9. no but the negative/neutral feedback is too many.thanks to toolhaus.
  10. Wow I just bid on that seller's pair of Alexander Wang leather leggings - I'm going to cancel my bid now because the negative feedback is just ridiculous.