Has anyone purchased from this seller?

  1. Hi everyone. I hope it is appropriate to ask this question here, (if not moderator please delete and accept my apologies).

    Has anyone ever purchased items on e-bay from the seller, realphdiva? If so, could you let me know your experiences? Thanks!
  2. Hi, I dunno why no one has answered your question. But I've recently bought from her and so far, all I can say is that she's not too friendly nor communicative.

    I know I'm not the best buyer "ever" since I found out how nightmare-ish the Indonesian custom could be, but yeah...my experience wasn't too great.

    I will talk about it later when I'm rather sober :/

    Cheers! :crybaby:
  3. Sorry to hear that, I don't know this seller.

    As far as customs go I heard Italian customs are a nightmare also :faint: [​IMG]