Has anyone purchased a Riveting bag yet?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has purchased a Riveting bag. Do you absolutely love it? Which color did you get? Please post pics!!!!! :love:
  2. Me! Me! I just purchased the Mono Rivet and I LOVE it!:yahoo:
    I am having a hard time uploading my pictures! TAs soon as I can figure out what I am doing wrong I will post them!
  3. I have mono...

    Several people got the white one, but there were a couple returns - not sure if anyone kept it.
  4. Mine's paid for (mono), but I haven't picked it up yet. DD is sick and the bag will have to wait.
  5. I would love to see your pictures!!! :drool: I wonder why the white ones were being returned? Anyone know?
  6. ^^ You're totally rocking it!:heart:
  7. I had the white one but returned it..

    I wasn't loving it enough to spend that much money on it...

    Plus in the end, i though it had too many rivets. The Mono has less rivets so that looks much better, although i also doubt that i'll get the mono rivet though
  8. TY! I should really take better pics, but my ex-boyfriend has mine (I guess he ended up with that in our "divorce settlement," ROFL) and my parent's is a piece of crap with a chronically dead battery and gives everything a strange yellow glow... I need to stop buying LVs and get a decent digi camera. :idea:
  9. I like the white one, but I think it's too expensive.. Would love to pics with people and their rivets :girlsigh:
  10. Same deal in my situation. I didn't love the ivory one enough for the price. As for the mono, it looks better as the studs are not as obvious on mono. But still, I'd rather wait for the next pieces
  11. Kinky-
    I think the mono bag looks great on you. I like it alot more after seeing your pics. Enjoy!

    I'm disappointed to hear about the off white bag. I thought it looked good on Scarlett J. when she was wearing it on her shoulder in Miami.

    Did anyone buy the black one?
  12. I bought the pochette last night, pics are here...

    I really love it!
  13. I got the mono bag in both sizes..LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jill does your brass plate have any scratches? I noticed a scratch on mine and wondered if it's just a soft metal and will happen no matter what I do...