Has anyone ordered the Pleated Tote or Hobo yet?

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  1. I am wanting to see modeling pics of these 2 bags. I think the tote might be good for me for all of my stuff and some baby things when I don't fell like dragging along a purse and a diaper bag. Are there different sizes in these 2 styles? And anyone know the prices on them?
  2. i am thinking of ordering the pleated tote in black... boring but i saw it irl and its really cute....
  3. I'm glad you asked this. I was wanting a large pleated tote...if they exsist. :girlsigh:
  4. I want to see drill down-like pictures.. or anything that's not from that one magazine where they're hiding behind each other.
  5. I would love to see pics of one of the new hobos!!
  6. These aren't my pics, but from ebay...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and a burnt orange hobo
  7. I'm seriously considering ordering the burnt orange hobo.
  8. Those are all mediums, yes?
  9. The hobo is a medium (11x10x5). The totes in those pics look like the large (14x15x6). There is also a medium tote (11x13x5). They are in the newest catalog.
  10. These 2 totes are the medium.. 11L x 9 1/2H x 4 1/2W and the Hobo is a medium also. It says it is 14 3/4L x 9H x 5 1/2W.
  11. Do you know if the hobo's come in large?
  12. The catalog only has the medium one in it, so I'm not sure. I would :heart: it in large as well!
  13. Can someone tell me the prices for the hobo? Does it come in a small? I have not received the new catalog.
  14. The hobo is $328 and comes in burnt orange, black, natural, and white. No patent unfortunately. :tdown:
    And the catalog only has it in one size. (11x10x5)
  15. Thanks. :smile: