Has anyone ordered from Cult Status in Australia?

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  1. I'm considering ordering from Cult Status in Australia--has anyone ordered from them? I noticed their prices seem higher. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with them!

    Thank you so much!
  2. ^ I haven't ordered from them yet, but would not hesitate to. I contacted them via email about their Balenciaga bags and they are so kind and helpful. They even emailed me photos of the bag I was considering.
  3. hey snowwhite

    are you based in Oz? you can always phone the Balenciaga Store in NY - i did and got a twiggy they ship down under! :smile:

    good luck! :smile:
  4. Hi HelenNZ! No, I'm from Canada. We have limited access to Balenciaga (and most other bags) here, so I'm thinking of ordering from Cult Status. Thanks for asking, though!
  5. hey snowwhite i totally understand! living out of the States can be quite difficult getting a beautiful bag!

    good luck on your quest for the B-Bag!

    PS, i totally LOVE Canada - can't wait to go back! :amuse:
  6. Snowwhite, I've ordered from Cultstatus before. I'm in Australia though but in Victoria so I did it over the phone. They're very nice and helpful there.

    With regards to the prices, they're in Aussie dollars so will translate to less if converted to US. The other thing is, the prices are inclusive of GST (goods and services tax - our VAT equivalent, I suppose). So, if the item is going to be sent out of country, the GST will be deducted from the amount when you checkout. It's actually stated there on their "Orders" page. To give u and idea, GST is typically about 10% the value of the item. But u may still get hit by customs in your country, so a few things to weigh up:smile:
  7. Thanks, everyone. They sold out of the bag I wanted. :sad: Oh well....what can you do?
  8. I have ordered from Cultstatus, and their stock is 100% Authentic. They are an authorized Balenciaga retailed :smile:
  9. i've looked into it several times, its still a bit more than ordering from aloha rag, and they never had the exact color/bag I was looking for. they are always so helpful and respond to emails ASAP
  10. Yes! Lily the owner is a doll :smile:
  11. Unfortunately I don't got an answer from cultstatus to my emails :sad: :s
  12. I did order from cultstatus and they were very nice, responded to emails very fast despite the very inconvenient time difference, were kind enough to meet my demands about the leather. However I would recommend them as a last resort, because customs did hit me with 330$ and I ended up paying for a purse more than I'd normally pay for a weekender. gasp!
  13. OMG, does anyone know WHERE in Aus this store is? My husband is down there right now...would be GREAT if he could pick me up a little something! :yes:

    Also, do they have a website?
  14. The store is at Perth, Western Australia. This is their website tern AustraliaP
    Cult, Luxury Bags & Accessories

    Let us know if he did get something back from Aus....:yes: Mind you, Australia is not the cheapest place to get designer stuffs compare to other country. But your hubby can claim the GST back at the airport :yahoo: so the prices aren't so bad if he can do that.
  15. Aww...unfort he's in Byron Bay, on the other side of Australia from Perth! Bummer...I was in Perth in February! Wish I would have known about this place then :confused1:

    Oh well, thanks for the info though! I'll definitely be on the lookout next time I'm in Western Oz!!