Has anyone noticed how many Julian backpack copies are around lately?

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  1. Forever 21:


    Urban Outfitters:



    Seeing so many exact copies really kind of puts me off splurging on the real thing! :nogood:
  2. Wow, those are some really close copies of the Julian.

    I don't really want to defend fast fashion copies, but I actually got interested in RM because of a Forever21 dupe of a mini 5-zip. Once I started collecting RM and got hooked on the leather, I could never go back to the cheap faux leather copies.
  3. I saw one at winners by another brand, but I can't remember which one, I was not impressed, even copied right down the hardware :sad:
  4. Wow that's surreal, but fairly common, especially other brands like I saw some crazy similar Balenciaga copies at Last Call.
  5. I thought I saw a Julian in the wild recently, but now I'm wondering if it was a lookalike. It's crazy how these companies really have no shame in making such close copies.
  6. I am tempted to buy one of these. I'm thinking a backpack purse would be good to have for vacations, but I don't think I would use one everyday. I love the look of the Julian but don't know if I would get enough use out of it to justify the price.

  7. I just returned a Julian backpack. The straps are too thick and hard so I only carried it on one shoulder. It's not that convenient even on vacation. I prefer the Longchamp bags for vacation.
  8. Yes! I've seen this one more than once at TJ Maxx and been drawn to check it out, but it's not RM. The brand name is 'Luis' or something like that.