Has anyone here used AppleGaurd on their bags other then LV??

  1. I am just curious does it alter the leather??
    Does it give anytype of waxy type of feel??

    I want to put it on my Large Guccissima Bag and just worried about it changing colors or wazy feeling.....

  2. i've used the appleguard on my coach bags, even on the vachetta leather trim and it didnt change the color whatsoever. I've used it so far on my LV, topshop belts, and all sorts of boutique leather shoes. even on my Fino leatherware passport jacket. :smile: works great! not sure about the guccisima though..
  3. THanKs Pixie .....hmmm should I..or shouldn't I....
  4. I use it regularly on my Novak, and it hasn't altered the leather in any bad way. It cleans some of the oil off of the handles, and blends scratches and scuffs (which happen easily on that bag) back to their original color. It doesn't leave any waxy residue. If you're concerned, try a small amount on a hard-to-notice area of the leather and see if it does anything you don't want it to do.
  5. After much reading on the forum about waterproofing the handles on the Speedy, I took the plunge and did it on one of mine.

    I used the cleaner then the spray. the handles feel really SOFT afterwards. It wasn't waxy to me.

    Everyone says that it didn't change their vachetta leather (that is why I did it) but mine definitely came out darker and slightly orange-ish. People have told me that it should lighten up but it hasn't.

    But according to everyone else. It doesn't darken the vachetta. I just have freaky luck, that's all.

    Good luck!
  6. aww poor you ilia!! i hope you still love your bag!!
  7. ilia, cleaner? or did you mean the leather care? the apple leather cleaner shouldn't be used!
  8. SO NO APPLEGUARD CLEANER?!?!? why not?? wow i was just bout to use a sample of all three bottle of my LV sonatine (test rat of my bags)..
  9. so should I use MR.Eraser first then condiotioner then protector?? should I go thourgh the whole vachetta...or just the area that needs cleaning?
  10. MissV good news!! I have use the Leatherstuff cleaner, conditioner and Apple Guarde on my large leather horsebit hobos, and they do a fantastic job, absolutely no change in color. I had a little something sticky on my bag and the leather cleaner took it right off, and water just rolls right off, no water stains or anything!
  11. SWEEETTT!!!...thankyou bag loving mom....so i dont need to use the cleaner do i?? is it for spot treatment??......or should I do the cleaner first just t make sure its clean...
  12. ^^^ No need to clean first, I just used the conditioner and then sprayed on the Apple Guarde.
  13. I used Apple Garde on my black Chanel medallion tote and my cambon bowling bag. It worked beautifully especially on the bowling bag.
  14. MissV: I've used AppleGarde on many bags and shoes. Colors from chocolate brown to white, smooth leather, soft pebbled leather and suede. I've never had anything change color or feel even slightly waxy or oily. In fact, the first time I used it, I thought it hadn't done anything because I could see no difference (after applying the 2 spray treatments suggested by the directions) - but a few days later, I got caught in the rain with my new white bag. The raindrops beaded up like they do on a freshly waxed car!
  15. i walked out in the rain today and the rain didn't bead up...i dont know if I am doing this right....*pout*