Has anyone heard of this ebay seller?

  1. tamparobin...she has a ton of stuff for sale, and is a powerseller. If anyone knows of her please let me know.

  2. Yes. What's your question?
  3. I have never purchased any bags on eBay, so I just want to make sure the seller is trusted and well recieved.

    She has a LV damier speedy and a chanel 2.55 that I was thinking of bidding on.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Im intrested in this too... She has a bag for sale that I'm really interested in but I need more pic to autenticate it at the LV forum. But the seller claims she don't have time to take more pictures...
    She has over 24.000 items and 99,9% positiv feedback.. So I can see why she don't have time, but kind a scares me a bit. Im terrefied about getting a fake one... Thats why I never bougth pre-loved before, but I really want this bag and you can't get it in the store anymore...
    Can I trust this seller?
  5. Personally I would never buy from a seller who refuses to take extra pics b/c they claim they don't have time, or their camera is broken, or they don't know how to take clear pics, or bla bla bla. Seems like shady business to me. It's not like you're asking for frivolous pics, you just need the necessary pics in order to authenticate what they are claiming is an authentic bag, such as date code, serial nos., made in tags, etc.

    Unresponsive or uncooperative sellers are a big red flag in my book, b/c if they're already not willing to work with you before the sale, imagine how much of a pain it will be to get your money back if the item turns out to be fake. :nono: I would pass on those sellers, wait for another listing to pop up and properly authenticate it before you bid.
  6. Recommendation from others maybe good indication, but IMO, it's best to ask seller as many questions as you need, that way you will know what she likes with communication, service, etc.
    Read their feedback score, giving you indication what others feels about this seller.
  7. I did toolhaus this seller. And her feedbacks are quite interesting. I won't buy anything from this seller.
  8. Thanks everyone... What is toolhaus? And what did you find out?
    Im new to e-bay, never bought anyting expencive from there. And terrefied about getting scammed...
  9. Toolhaus is a website where you can research all of the history (negative & neutral feedback, especially) of the eBay member. This is especially helpful when buying from Powersellers, because they have so much feedback - it is difficult to find the negatives in their sheer volume of overall feedback!

    Here is a link to Toolhaus:

    You type the seller's eBay user ID into the box for negative/neutral feeback and click on "received by."

    These are the results after I typed in "tamparobin":
  10. Thanks!
    But looks like most of the NEG goes on items sold not as decribed and not about beeing fake... Looks like the NEG comes from people buying clothes, not purses...
    Don't know what to do :sad:
  11. I find that 120 neg/neutrals from 24000 feedbacks isn't something that would make me stop from buying from a seller. she def takes items back and there seem to never be any issue with authenticy.

    you have to know if you want to risk it
  12. I would never buy from a seller that doesn't 'have the time' to send me more pics or info.
  13. Looks like the seller doesn't fully disclose condition issues of her items. I personally would not buy from her. I don't like bad surprises!