Has anyone heard of the new Kelly Flat bag?

  1. I just talked with the SA in San Francisco and he mentioned this new bag. A picture of it is in this months Harpers Bazar. I'm curious about the price, etc.
  2. All I remember about it is that it's in swift leather and is foldable for traveling.
  3. i believe it is around 7500 dollars. before the price hike.
  4. There's one on eBay for sale.
  5. I saw one at my H boutique for $7800 (on hold for 24 hrs). It is nicer in person than in the magazine pictures IMO. The flat Kelly is very casual & has no place to put cadenas, strange for a casual bag KWIM?
  6. Yes, I asked my SA in Houston. She said that they had gotten in one bag. That it "flops" over if not on your arm...completely filled...or folded into the clutch.
  7. Here is a pic of the Flat Kelly in rose dragee. I forgot to make a note where I got this pic from... the Flat is really rather lovely, nice pink color!
  8. ^^the lovely pink color is called rose dragee. kelly flat is great 4 travelling or if u want 2 use it as a clutch which 2 me, i prefer kelly elan or medor clutch.
  9. I first saw this in Harper's and started to really like it. Super functional (I'm all about function :lol: ). It was priced in there at $7,110. That was the January issue.
  10. I saw one in Amsterdam in Vermillion on Friday.
  11. There was a full page picture of a Kelly flat in UK Vogue in January ( I think). There are 3 or 4 in the Spring-Summer Monde d'Hermes book and there were a few on the Paris catwalk show for Autumn-Winter on Saturday. So far I have only seen them described in Swift leather but I think some of the catwalk ones could have gone a bit more up the scale. So far I have seen it in black, a chestnut colour, havana and a pale pink. The description in Vogue said the bags were 'from £2,500'. So anything upwards of that figure!

    The design has come in for a bit of a savaging in some of the handbag blogs but from what I can see you get a great floppy Kelly bag which can be folded up if your not carrying much. The oh so famous strap and clasp at the top has been changed to a belt type closure and the end of the belt presumably could be tucked into the rest of the hardware - it resembles the Birkin/HAC in the addition of more hardware. And you get an extra belt to tie it up with when it is folded up - presumably you might be able to use it as an actual belt. The more I look at it the more I think it's fab. If it comes with a shoulder strap for when it is fully loaded I think I might get one!

    The catwalk show also gave the sac a depeches a bit of this treatment - there seems to be more leather to wrap round the actual briefcase part of the bag and a strap to keep it all in place like the Kelly flat - but I've only seen that in a photo which wasn't focussing on the detail - looks lovely though!
  12. Flat Kellys are very easy to get (at least in Paris) in any color. They look very cute when they are flat, but in fact are highly impractical unless you keep them extended all the time. The rose dragee color in particular and the orange are rather pretty, but again impractical bag.
  13. I agree, but adore the colour... :love:
  14. my sa said that it is not practical.
  15. Kelly flat is an old design which Gaultier has decided to make a storm in his Hermes show since this Spring Summer, it only comes in on esize 35cm in a new leather veau swift (which is exceptionally soft with no grain) honestly, it looks good when it is being tied...and it's euro 4900