Has anyone heard of a "Mia"?

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  1. Saw the first MJ bag I liked tonight in Nordies - It was called a "MIA" It had a lot of gold hardware on a stunning black leather bag - Of course it was $975.00 I wear alot of serious silver jewelry - so I passed on it - Is anyone familiar with this bag?
  2. I've seen them in Nordies and NM. I love the green color it comes in.
  3. I like it in Nutmeg too...PRETTY!
  4. elong!!! are you telling me the one for $975.00 was a small or med size? It was huge to me. Would you wear that bag with serious silver jewelry? or am I just trying to talk myself into it? The bag is stunning.
  5. I would wear it with silver or gold. I'm not one for matchy match stuff. I like silver and gold together as long as it seems to fit together. 975 is the small version. The larger version is over 1k. It's beautiful so if you're going to use it, go for it. :yes:
  6. Since it was on sale on NM.com, you should call up a few NM stores and ask if they have that bag on sale.
  7. Thanks Thithi, I am new to MJ so I never read that thread - very informative - I like this bag because it doesn't look like the typical Marc Jacobs bag - I don't like the Stam (tried that on also) - I think I'll let it rest for while unles I can find it on sale and I only want Black and the black ones never seem to go that route.
  8. Saks has a big sale starting Thursday - I think I'll sleep on it for a day or two. Thanks elong!!
  9. Eeek. Such pressure.

    I am so old. Maybe that's why it hurt my back.

    It is a gorgeous bag and worth every penny. I just needed a bag to slouch around in and the MIA just didn't fit my needs .
  10. Don't worry coachwife6, that was great advice in that thread. I hate bags that don't "move" with you. Handbags do have a purpose, not ornaments, so that's why I passed on it.

    Maybe we should make you our official tester!

    and elongreach, don't encourage me!! cuz you know I'm a sucker for a bargain...:graucho:
  11. Just mentioning it that's all. :angel: It it's at a minimum 30 percent off that's 292.50 you're saving.

  12. Oh, thanks. :tender: