Has anyone heard from Leanbeanee? Contact info needed

  1. Hi Gals,

    Have any of you heard from Leanbeanee lately??

    Does anyone have her contact info?

    If so, could you please PM me :yes:

  2. i was wondering the same thing as i thought she was the monitor
  3. or moderator i should say
  4. Yes, LB and I are the Chloe mods -- so I have been doing the mod'ing since mid-Dec alone :sad:

    I'd really like to reach her though.

    (Ooops, Jag too :flowers:)
  5. I haven't seen her around in a while.

    She did do this a few months ago and it turned out her internet/computer was disconnected.

    Hopefully she is okay...
  6. Oh ok!!!

    Let's hope she is just enjoying summer in Ausieland ;)

  7. I have not been around much either D- but please, PM hmwe46 or me if you have any information on LB as we really miss her!

    Also, please feel free to PM me or hmwe46 if you have any issues regarding the subforum!!!
  8. Wow she's been MIA for almost 2 months - that seems like a long holiday...
  9. This is so weird. I saw an old post from her earlier today and I thought, 'where is that woman?' she hasn't been on the board forever. Can't Vlad or Megs give you the information you need?
  10. I've been wondering about LB as well - it's unlike her to be MIA for so long with no word.
  11. I think I have her email address somewhere, although if she's not on here is she likely to be on email?
  12. Yes, you're right... but it's worth trying I suppose.
    I miss LB too: let's hope everything is ok :yes:
  13. I sent her a PM regarding a new thread in mid-december and she didnt reply...
    I also hope she's just too busy ...
  14. Any news on this? :sad:
  15. No- sorry.

    We don't have a phone number for her.