Has anyone had their car valeted at LV?

  1. The boutique told me I could use their valet service...but I've never done it before?

    How does it work?

    Do I just stop infront, give my keys to the little guy, and then come out and they'll drive the car up for me? I just don't want to look like a total dork and not know whats going on lol :lol:
  2. they dont have that sort of facility here in sydney..

    i wish they would have valet service as well in sydney because its just so frustating finding a parking space especially in city area
  3. If you are talking the one at Crown Casino, Melbourne.

    You get free valet parking if you purchase something from LV. The valet service is Monday - Friday only until 5pm!

    You just need to get your valet parking validated by LV

    Basically leave your car with the valet people, then walk to LV, purchase something, ask them to validate the ticket, and give the ticket back to the valet people. :biggrin:
  4. Wow...That is so cool!!:nuts:
  5. LOL...mine here in Chicago has told me that if I don't want to come into the store I can call ahead and pay and they will meet me at my car on the street with my bags so I don't have to come in LOL That's kinda like valet lol
  6. I think the Valet should come out in the groom outfit!!
  7. well the valet at crown casino/hotel is a hotel staff. so they do wear uniforms, just without the cap.
  8. Yes I am referring to the one at Crown...lol...but what to buy?

    Other that or I could just park in the Crown car park *shrugs*:shrugs:
  9. ^^ok..that's freaky...but nice at the same time...as long as no one drives up with that crazy fugly LV car in the other thread...
  10. Having valet parking is freaky?:confused1:
  11. So I stop outside, and then give them my keys? :confused1:

    LOL seriously I've never EVER done this, so plz bear with my ignorance:shame:
  12. LOL...no dearie..I was referring to andr114's post abt the hotel staff in his uniform and all looking like the groom being freaky...I got sniped by ur post...that's y it seems strange...
  13. Oopsies :shame:

    Hmmm...I wouldn't mind if they had 'grooms' there to park my car, I think the uniform is HOT!:yahoo:
  14. misty.. you can buy anything at lv, doesnt have to be something big or expensive.

    u know where cars are coming in the hotel (near the LV shop at crown)? thats where you go, and there is a sign saying "valet parking".

    just give them your keys, and you will be given a receipt (which then LV needs to validate in order for you to get the free valet parking - otherwise you will have to pay $25. hehe)
  15. I'd love to have a valet...but I have trust issues when it comes to people touching my car...I'm too paranoid!