has anyone had problems w/ stitching coming apart on their bags?

  1. My soufflot has a bit of stitching coming off from only one part of where the strap is held onto the bag at. it's weird because I never carry anything heavy and even if i did, you'd be able to tell on other parts where the strap connects to the bag also. bag is a few years old :sad: i really don't want to pay for a repair. has this ever happened to anyone and do you think lv will repair it for free?
  2. the strings on my moms peroli are loose but you cant really notice them.
  3. The stitching holding my zipper in place on my old cabas piano was coming undone.

  4. Funny you say that, because I have an epi alma which I bought new from elux last sept, I noticed some of the stitching coming apart! I'm afraid to clip it. Maybe the stiffness of the epi leather causes too much pressure on some of the seams? So it sits in the closet....
  5. you should bring it back to the store and have them fix it for u ... It should be free if it is within the same year ^^
  6. i called 866vuitton and complained about the straps and the sa told me to bring it in the store and they'd fix it free (if it's a manufacturing defect) for up to 2 years.
  7. Curious to know how'd they'd "fix" it? Clip and seal it, or just clip it??
  8. No never. Sounds like a malprodution, go to a store and leave it for repairs. I*ve got bags that have been banged around with really heavy things inside, nothing ever happened.
  9. A friend of mine bought a Tivoli and the stitching started to come apart within a couple of months. The store took it back for a full refund, and told her that bag had had problems because it was machine stitched. I thought all LV bags were hand stitched. Am I wrong? Has anyone else had trouble specifically with the tivoli?
  10. I just got the Tivoli in Friday and noticed that the stitching by the zipper is a little loose in one spot and there are a couple tiny threads sticking out. Do you think I should take it back in to the store? I feel like I am being picky.
  11. LV 370 (Small).jpg

    Yes, my wallet from '98 is losing stitching but that may be more to do with age.
  12. my wallet also has its stiching coming out, at billfold "fold" part (like a men's wallet). it's been 5 years...is the best bet to go to a LV store? the closest one to me is the nyc flagship store.
  13. I just got an 18 year old bag and there are loose stitches on the strap where it constantly rubs against the bag.

    Is it possible to just get it stitched by LV without changing the strap (I prefer the old honey colored patina)? Anyone knows approx. how much that would cost?