Has Anyone Ever Special-Ordered a Muse?

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  1. Has anyone ever special-ordered a muse in a particular leather that's not usually offered with a particular size? If so, do you know if special orders can be returned to the store if it just doesn't turn out the way you want? TIA:flowers:
  2. Hi Kou. Am not sure about SO muse, but YSL has a pretty good return policy (refund as opposed to store credit). Were you looking at ostrich? I actually purchased an ostrich muse and later sold it on eBay...
  3. Yup, it was an ostrich Muse. They only came in large and Extra-Large but I told them both are too big for me. So they said they'd order me a Medium Ostrich and get back to me with more info (i.e. size, specs, etc). A month passed without my hearing from them and then suddenly they emailed and told me my Medium ostrich Muse was on the way. THEN I found out Medium is too big for me ... Wah ...

    I mean, something that's 14.5" at the base is TOO BIG by my standard. I already think a Birkin 35cm is big. The biggest I can do is 32cm (12.5") souple so 14.5" is too big. They hadn't charged me yet, bag isn't even here yet (in NYC right now) so am feeling a bit torn ... Btw, Muse is considered an It bag or classic bag for YSL? I would be so pissed should it ever goes on sale or get phased out
  4. I think the style should be around for a while...it is likely to have IT status for a season or so and then may be like the mombassa (those that love it will continue to wear/purchase it). The ostrich muse does come in the medium size...was it for sure a SO and not a store transfer? I actually decided to purchase the ostrich muse because it seemed "funkier" than the Hermes ostrich bags, yet was still "classy". I am not sure...you could wear the ostrich muse forever if you really, really liked it, but it is not a Hermes kind of forever where the style never really dates itself... I would call the boutique immediately and tell them that due to circumstances outside of your control, you need to cancel the order immediately... It would be the truth if in fact you have decided against the bag due to size or other reasons...
  5. It DOES come in the Medium? I asked the SCP store and they said it's only Large and Extra-Large. That's why I was told that a Medium Muse is a special order and that there's only one in existence (mine). I WISH it was a SMALL. The Small would be the perfect size for me. It would've been the size of a Bolide 31cm
  6. I swear to GOD I have seen the muse in medium ostrich (maybe not all colors)... They had a medium chocolate and a large chocolate when I bought mine...I could swear there was a medium... Call the NY or LV stores and ask them if the ostrich muse comes in a medium size...
  7. Good idea! I'll ask. If they do, then I wouldn't have to feel bad about declining.
  8. SoCal, you're absolutely right! The ostriches do come in Medium. Okay, I don't feel so stressed out anymore:yahoo:
  9. I am so happy I could help! Now you can get the ostrich bag that you really want!
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