Has anyone ever shipped to Japan??

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  1. Is it safe??? What is the best/cheapest way to send (EMS)? Can it be insured?
  2. Of course it's safe! I've RECEIVED loads of stuff shipped to me here, the service is fantastic - at this end.

    Can't comment on how to go about it from wherever you are though.
  3. the only way to ship to JAPAN to USA with a tracking number (and cheapest) is by USPS INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS MAIL, which starts at $25 (i know, still expensive). i just shipped an item out today to japan from new york (friday, 1/23) and it's guaranteed to deliver by 1/27 (with the weekend and everything), VERY FAST, VERY SAFE, but VERY EXPENSIVE!
  4. FYI Ladies.. I WILL NEVER ship INTL w/ USPS again.
    I mailed a bag to Scotland/UK on the 20th. TODAY, the tracking said... delivery was attempted in Arvada CO and notification was left.
    Let me say this again.. both the package AND the shipping form were addressed to the UK. Yet according to USPS, a delivery attempt was madfe in CO, and a notice was left for freaking someone to pick up this package. MAYBE??
    And USPS has NO CLUE if the package is actually IN Colorado and WHY.. or is the tracking info just screwed up.. or WHAT.
    The lady I talked to at the 800-USPS # today read me the SAME tracking info.. delivery attempted in Arvada CO... and when I said.. BUT, this parcel was INTL EXPRESS to UK.. she said ...... BIG SIGH... OH DEAR... and initiated an investigation but had NO CLUE what happened, where actually was the parcel, etc.... She was as frustrated as I was.
    I AM DONE with USPS INTL. And just an FYI.. my PO said that USPS was discontinuing online tracking for INTL shipments (hell, might as well!)
    And that in the future, the only way to track INTL shipments was via phone - automated track and mail... And I tried to use that automated phone track and mail today for this parcel... and GUESS WHAT... it only recognizes NUMBER zip codes. When I tried to enter the DESTINATION zip code of Scotland, which has LETTERS and NUMBERS, the automated tracking could not comprehend.
    GOOD LUCK w/ INTL USPS Shipments. My buyer and I are PRAYING over this one.... and it may well turn up in the UK next week and all be fine. But I AM DONE AND I AM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN.
  5. I have shipped to Japan before, went very smoothly, no problems at all :smile:
  6. I've always shipped to Japan via USPS Express Mail International and have never had a problem in 10 years.
  7. I have shipped to Japan numerous times with no problems. I ship Express Mail or if it is lightweight (like a tee shirt) then 1st Class Registered. I have one customer who has bought from me about 6 times. Things get to Japan quickly and no muss, no fuss.
  8. Hi, I have been a eBay seller for a few years and been shipping a lot around the world. Never had any big problems - it may take some time to Canada, Russia, Greece and Italy but it always been delivered.

    I'm new here and wish I find out about this place before - really great forum ;o))))))
  9. I ship EMS to all international locations. That is the only way you can track the delivery of the item.
  10. Yup, EMS to Japan is safe. I've had no problems with Japan in all my years of selling.
  11. I ship to and from Japan all the time. My sister lives there ! I realized EMS was not much more than regular airmail to Japan which depends on the weight. Never had problem with Japanese postal service.

    On the other hand, I had too many bad experence here with both USPS and FedEx. Go figure. :tdown:
  12. Bump

    Hi everyone, I'm shipping a package to Japan this week (my first time!) and I wanted to know the best way to protect myself as a seller. The total value of the package is $350 although the current retail value of the item is $995. I quoted my buyer a price of $40 for s&h. Is this the best way to do it:

    1. Ship using USPS Express Int'l to Japan (guaranteed delivery of 5-6 days)
    2. Insure package for $350
    3. Get tracking number, delivery confirmation, and signature confirmation (is sig. conf. even an option?)
    4. Fill out customs forms declaring the value of the package as $350

    I just want to make sure everything goes smoothly :smile: The buyer has great feedback and I'm really happy the item sold...

    But in a "worst case scenarios" i.e. :
    1. Package gets lost
    2. Buyer wants to return/files a chargeback/files a SNAD

    What do I do? Again - never done international shipping before!!

    TIA :amuse:
  13. I send package to my parents every month, and I never had problem with it. But one time, it got hold at U.S. customs for 2 weeks.. make sure you have some way to track the package
  14. Hi. I live in Japan and have done so for 4 years. People here are very ethical buyers and sellers. I have had no problems. The mail service here is excellent. Sellers I have bought from take good care of their items and expect others to take good care of their things too. It's a good system. I feel very confident when I buy online here. Regards,
  15. i recently shipped to Japan for the first time & it was completely stress free. i ship to the US & Canada all the time & i have never had a problem. if i'm the buyer, i would rather pay a bit more for Fedex or UPS which is so much cheaper when sending to the UK rather than from the UK. USPS transfers to Parcel Force when it hits the UK & they are awful. For one thing if they are delivering to a communal door (eg an apartment/conversion) they are not permitted to leave a card, so the receiver does not know they have been trying to deliver. their tracking info is very limited & not regularly updated & they are notoriously difficult to reach on the phone.