Has anyone ever seen this bag?

  1. Anyone have any details on this bag? :confused1: Thanks

  2. no, interesting though!
    Where'd you find it?
  3. A store that's located near Palm Springs has it on their website. I think they only have 1 and I'm planning on ordering it. I'd never seen it and apparently it's a vintage Chanel bag. So, I was wondering if anyone here had ever seen or even has a Chanel evening bag like this one.
  4. is it a chanel store or not?

    hm nice evening bag
  5. not a chanel store.
  6. well, I guess no one has seen this bag before, so it's going to be interesting to see what the Chanel store says when I go by there (today hopefully). I hope they can find it so I can order it. Thanks for your help everyone.