Has anyone ever seen the black cambon tote with blue CC's?

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  1. I did a presale with Saks for the large tote and the sales person said they had black with a lighter blue CC's and it was something like $2200.

    That sounds higher than I thought the large totes are. I may have to call back to make sure I got the correct sale purse.

    The color sounds kind of odd, too. Anyone ever seen it and can vouch for it's look. Pretty? Ugly?

    I also got the pink/black bowling, which I'll probably keep and return the tote, but I don't know. This is starting to confuse my brain. :shocked:
  2. I have the black with patent black CC's for $1495. Never seen the other.
  3. The price she quoted me sounds WAY too high, but she was reading the tag in front of her. I think I'm going to call back and recheck my info.
  4. Nevr heard of BLUE cc's?
  5. Just found out ... it's a luggage piece, so I canceled that. Too much for what I can spend.

    So, if anyone needs a luggage piece on sale. The Philadelphia (Bala Cynwyd) store has that one for $2200 with the 40% off. Sounds like a cool piece, but as I don't travel very much, it's not for me.
  6. Would love to see a pic of the blue CC's Sounds lovely.
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