Has anyone ever heard of Fleurette Coats?

  1. I am interested in a coat by Fleurette in cashmere, but I can't find much info about the company.

    Does anyone know anything about them?
  2. I bought one two years ago..it has worn well and the cashmere while fairly thin and lightweight still looks pretty..as for where, and who the Company is, I don't know
  3. Thank you quilter!

    They are so pricy, I had to find out what I could.
  4. Hope this reply isn't too late. I bought a 100% cashmere Fleurette coat from Saks about 5-6 years ago. It's soft, plush and well-constructed. It's definitely worth the price. I recently saw some Fleurette coats at Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom's, but no pure cashmere coats, only wool/cashmere blends.