Has anyone ever had to send paypal tracking in order for them to give you the money??

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  1. Hello!

    I recently just sold an item and the gentlemen is in UK but he wanted sent to his son in africa ( at first I thought it was just a joke so I didn't think anything of it) but later on today I recieved payment BUT...it says that for safety reasons the funds will be credited to my account after tracking number has been mailed to them?

    Has anyone had this happen?? Sould I contact paypal before i send it out???
  2. Do not send it before contacting PayPal. You can reach them by phone, (it may take a while though. If you're in the US you can reach them 4:00 AM PDT to 10:00 PM PDT Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM PDT to 8:00 PM PDT on Saturday and Sunday. Phone 1-402-935-205. I have had over 10,000 transactions through PayPal and not one was ever like that.
  3. That sound kind of weird...
    "Youngbrands" has some sound advice -- contact paypal!
    Better to find out from them and cover yourself.
    Good luck!
  4. AFRICA?... mmm becareful... might be a SCAM! after you send it out and somthing will happen, like a charge back... not saying it is but sounds quite fishy!!!! LOOK INTO it!!
  5. I would definitely contact paypal because I've never had that happen. And also, you should only send to the confirmed paypal address..if you don't, I don't think you're covered by paypal anymore.
  6. Sounds like a scam. I never knew Paypal to have such a requirement. What does your paypal account say? Don't rely on emails! Is the money in your paypal account??? If it's only in an email, then it's probably a scam! You should contact paypal before sending anything!
  7. That is a SCAM - contact eBay immediately!
  8. SCAM - call PayPal!
    Tracking number --- huh???
  9. Thanks girls!! I had the wierdest feeling about it as well cause I would of heard it on the ebay forum!! I sat on the phone waiting for paypal for 30 minutes (OH the Long distance bill) but it would of saved me the 300 dollars to ship it africa and siince the ps3 is extremely heavy, I dont have to lug it all around. Thanks everyone...

    Oh by the way paypal said its some new nigerian scam where when you send it...there is no way for them to hunt it down!!

    Once agian thanks everyone!!
  10. Well at least you figured it out ahead of time! :yes:
  11. Glad it all worked out in the end!
  12. Scary!!!! At least you got it sorted!!!:yes:
  13. overseas....most of the time they're scams...!! Be very, very careful..Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.
  14. Thats terrible....you have to be so careful with Nigerian buyers
  15. OH MY GOSH! DO NOT SEND THE ITEM! CALL ebay and PayPal immediately. They will NOT release the money to you! I had a friend that had that happen to her, she knew it was a scam and she put in a fake tracking # and she received all sorts of mean emails from the buyer (she did it on purpose). Africa is the #1 nation for money laundering also. Bewar and do NOT send that item!