Has anyone ever commented on your purse being "fake" when it is real?

  1. Just curious if anyone has ever commented on your purse being "fake" when it is indeed real? I was just wondering if this has ever happened to you? It hasn't to me yet, but if it does - I want to have a good comeback. Like, oh I didn't know the GUCCI store sold fakes or something? It just makes me upset to see all these FAKES being sold on site like eBay - selling as being "authentic" when we know it's a fake! Just curious about your thoughts on this topic...:confused1:
  2. Yes - it's happened to me a few times, always with Gucci or Prada.
    I just tell people, "I don't do fakes" and change the subject.
    Of course, I'd really like to be taking a swing at them with said bag:hysteric:
  3. Some one asked me if they can look at my bag & then she asked me where can she buy a replica?!?
  4. yeah...I was at the supermarkert w/ my popincourt and the cashier asked if it was real...then asked how much I paid (which i thought was kinda rude..the way it came off) then proceeded to say "I didn't know that Louis vuitton made anything under 1K..that must be fake..are you sure it's real..what's it called?"
    the nerve..!!:wtf: :yucky:

  5. I get the same deal w/ the horsebit...always asking to "feel" it..because they're so sure you could tell by the material....
  6. aalcantara, are you serious? The cashier said that? Oh my gosh! That is soooo rude. I would have said so many nasty things!
    Anyways, no, no one has told me anything yet. Well actually one lady asked about my LV agenda and she asked how much it cost me so I told her it was not that much, and then she says I bet you got it at ebay or something! I was about to go off on that lady! But I told her, no, I bought off eluxury. She then responded, what is that, and I told her, you wouldn't know, because you don't buy the real things!
  7. yes....Impsola....it's SOOOooo true....

    I couldn't believe it either...after saying all that I just tuned her out...I laughed it off later...but once i got stepped out i swear my ears were steaming! lol!
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    OMG, I can't believe you told her that! Good for you. I wouldn't have the ballls to says that. I usually have people telling me I would never spend that much on a bag. I reply To each is own...:hysteric:
  9. Yes some girls have said omg you wouldnt spend that much on a bag? is it fake? :rolleyes:
  10. yes, this happened to me recently. i was carrying a brand new LV, so it hadn't started to patina to a training course through work. someone in the class started talking to me about my fake bag! i couldn't beleive her nerve. she told me it was fake b/c the leather was so light...i tried to be nice and explain the patina process, but i'm not sure she was convinced. then she told me about her friend who buys LV online at a big discount...
  11. Oooh yes!

    I have a beautiful Chanel chain belt too and somebody asked me where I got it and when I said Harrods looked at me blankly and then my friend butted in with... 'It's a real one!'

    D'uh ...but sort of loveable... :smile:

    PS My usual comeback is : 'Do I look like a girl who wears 'fake?' '
  12. OMG YES!!! I was wearing a Gucci bag and this girl overheard me say I just got back from LA. She then says, is that where you got your bag, at LA's fashion district? I then told her urrmmm, NO!! I got it at the Gucci boutique.
  13. Oh my gosh!!! Your stories are incredible--I cannot believe people have said those things to you ladies!!! RUDE!!
  14. Yes, it has happened. because i think people don't really know what the real bag looks like or they are just jealous of the bag.
  15. I think you are right coachlover! If they don't own an authentic bag, then they would not or could not tell the difference. :s