Has anyone ever been to the True Religion Outlet in Houston/Cypress, TX?

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  1. I just bought a pair of dark rinse, skinny TR's at Saks Off for about $150 and I was wondering if the prices at the outlet store is better than Saks Off.

    TIA! [:
  2. I don't know about the outlet in TX but the TR outlet here in NY at woodbury is great! I get all my TR's there. I go to the damaged tables and all of the one's marked IRR are $89 I have yet to buy one pair with anything really wrong with them. I love the TR outlet!
  3. i've been to this one several times. the prices are OK, but comparable to sale prices at the department sales.

    i'm not sure i've seen a damaged table at the cypress outlet, but i was never really looking either.
  4. I've been to the TR outlet in Cabazon, CA. I would say the pricing is similar to what you paid at Off Fifth. They do have some specials, like the damaged sale or they have a special sale on certain items (like jean skirts). It's not phenomenal pricing, but it's better than retail. If you can find them on sale at Bloomies, etc. that may be your best bet.
  5. I've gotten great deals there.
    I got a pair of skinny's for myself for 30
    and some regular bootcuts for 80 (:
  6. I just got a WONDERFUL pair of TR jeans from the outlet in Florida. The jeans were not irregular and were priced at $99, however, there were some "generic" ones for $80.

    The staff was great, however, you probably need to be below a size 26 to find much in the store.
  7. I got a great pair of rainbow Gina's for $89 at the TR outlet in Cypress...definitely going to be my #1 stop for TR's (must better selection than Katy Mills and cheaper!)
  8. It's so cool thinking some of you guys live so near to me! :0
    I live in Katy.
  9. Whoa. Did I read that right?! $30? That's awesome! I love their skinny jeans. They fit great.

    I really need to head up there soon. I'm worried though. I'm a size 29. I guess I have to go to find out. If anyone goes, please report back!

    Does anyone know where the cheapest R&R's are?
  10. I'd also like to know. Oh, and the closer to Texas, the better ;)
  11. Yeah, although I am a 24, so I don't know about how well they stock up on other sizes.

    Good luck finding some jeans (:
  12. The one I went to in California had a good selection for most sizes. However, it's all final sale which I don't care for in general.