Has anyone else pre-ordered the Miranda?

  1. Okay, I caved. I just ordered the Miranda in Bordeaux. Just curious if anyone else has ordered it yet, and when did the SA say the bag would come in?
  2. I don't know, but you've got to post pics of it when you get it!
  3. Yes, I ordered it last night in black at the store. I called Coach.com for an order number and was told that the black just arrived today!!!
  4. :drool: love the miranda. I can't wait to see pics!!
  5. Which one is that? I haven't been able to go out and get the new catalogue yet so I don't know which bag you're talking about.

    Congrats though, regardless. I look forward to your pictures!
  6. I almost did but I ordered the wristlet in that color. I also saw in the red book leather embossed hamptons which comes in red and mahogany that you cannot preorder yet because they are not available and for September so I will wait for that but I love the Miranda too.
  7. [​IMG]

    This is the DD pic in camel. It is GORGEOUS in the bourdeaux. The website says they are not available in stores until 7/30.
  8. I ordered it in black tonight and will trade for the bordeaux when it is available. My SA said that should be ~ 2 weeks. Thanks PCE :wlae:
  9. We are thinking of doing the Python...in Brass.
  10. I saw the python in the red book in the Miranda and it is very pretty. I took back my python Chelsea and was not impressed although looks wise it is beautiful but I was afraid that the leather will start peeling.
  11. It is a stunning bag. love love love it. kind of reminds me of a Chloe...
  12. ^^ ITA! Loves it!!
  13. We are thinking of doing the same thing with the Camilla. I think we will keep the wallet...We will figure it out by this weekend.

    Its funny because when I opened the box to take the inside shot I noticed that some of the scales (leather) had kind of bent while it was in the box. So it must have happened just between bringing it out of the closet.
  14. I thought the same thing; I was on the fence between a chloe paddy satchel and the Miranda....I am hoping the Miranda is a touch lighter than the Chloe.

    Here is the Chloe I was considering $999 at overstock.com:


    Verses the Miranda in Bordeaux:

    [​IMG]What do you think? Which one would you choose? Remember there is a $400 difference.
  15. I will choose the Miranda not b/c of the price difference but b/c of the looks.I just love the shape, the color and the detailing of the Miranda .