Has anyone else had a problem with the leather at the buckles on the Money?

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  1. I have so far ordered 2 Money wallets in Magenta from Neiman's. I really want one, but the first one looked like there was wear (or the color was scratched off the leather) on the straps right in the middle of the buckle. So, I ordered another one, and the same thing.
    Is this common with the Money? Or is it just the magenta Money? Or is it my bad luck and I should try again (maybe I have to buy in person) - which unfortunately is not easy from here.
  2. I'm totally confused. Could you post a photo?
  3. It's kind of hard to see, but to me, it looks more obvious in person. It's like right where the metal part is under the leather, it is scraped off and looks grey instead of pink.

    I'll try to get a better photo.

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  4. Here are a couple more photos...

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  5. Oops, I attached the wrong one...

    Hope this is right.

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  6. Hi, I have the same thing on my blueberry money, but it's from 2006 and I'm using it everyday. The same thing can happen on the Day after much use (or other bags). But it shouldn't be there when the money/bag is brand new!
  7. return it! that is NOT normal for a new wallet, it looks like someone rubbed it on a counter or something.
  8. I guess I will return the second one too.
    It's sad because I really want it, but I know it will bother me that it started out like that. I wouldn't mind if I did it through normal wear, but it's all I see now when I look at it.
  9. I just got my new Money and it has the same thing. It doesn't look used to me and I just figured it was due to rubbing against the dust bag. Mine doesn't bother me, if yours does I'd say exchange for another one.
  10. Okay, I see what you mean now. Pictures' worth a thousand words, no?

    I'll go check my black money brb.
  11. I think it depends on the type of leather too. I have a Mogano Money.. and it has no wear or tear on it at all. It's help up quite well. My sister had a Truffle zip around wallet.. and that wallet showed wear on it pretty quickly. Try moisturizing your wallet and see if that works. Good luck, keep us posted~! ;)

    btw...Your kids are soo cute!
  12. Not normal for a new one, but both of the monies that I have ended up like that after a bit of use. But it definitely should not be like that when you first get it!
  13. Hmm, I just checked my brand-new-still-wrapped-in-tissue sky-blue money wallet. It doesn't have those marks. I got mine from the NM in Las Vegas. I wonder if you'd have better luck getting the wallet from another store?
  14. My new SGH EB money has a little bit of wear where yours has rubbed off but not to that extent. I would say return it. Pale magenta this season is such a beautiful colour but the leather is pretty dry so it discolours really easily. I don't think it will wear well with use, especially since it's a wallet so it'll get handled and knocked around quite a bit so perhaps return it and get one with better leather?
  15. I have a violet sgh money for 6 months and I do not have that kind of wear or rubbing marks on it. I did condition the leather before I used it.

    Those marks look defective or maybe someone returned it? I would get a new one.