Has anyone bought from an ebay seller with zero feedback?

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  1. I'm about to purchase a Chanel bag but the ebay seller has zero feedback. She only posted one picture but sent me more via email. Everything seems authentic, but I am cautious as to buying from a seller with no feedback...
    Has anyone had experience with this? I would appreciate the input...

  2. i would be afraid to, since Chanel bags are not cheap.
  3. Agreed
  4. I agree- it's scary to purchase something so expensive with so little reassurance. You're risking over a thousand dollars and they're risking nothing. However, I have made some smaller purchases ($300-600) in the past from seller with 0 feedback successfully. Everyone has to start somehwere and some people leap right into trying to sell a chanel purse without building any reputation first. The up-side is, that if the seller winds up being honest, you usually get a good deal. Here's what to look out for though- make sure that the seller is using their own pictures and that they are detailed pics. To be sure they didn't steal good pics, try asking them for a pic they don't show. Mae sure there's a thorough description of the item. Ask them information about the item that isn't in the description- perhaps where they bought it. Try to build up some communication with the seller beforehand. I have even told them I was afraid to bid because of their non existent feedback. If they are a good seller, they will write you back, explain things and offer a little better reassurance (not to say a scammer can't also do that-but they're less likely to put in the effort). Make sure you pay with a credit card through paypal because then you have two entities ready to fight on your behalf if you get scammed. Good luck and use your gut- no deal is too good to pass up if you get a bad feeling about it. Have to be cliche, but if they can't offer you reassurance, better safe than sorry.
  5. You probably already did this, but run the auction and additional pics by the girls on the authenticate this chanel section.
  6. i wouldn't do it
  7. the seller says she bought the bag through the chanel store in chicago and has consistently been communicating with me. She did not put in so much info on the auction description but she did specify the exact amount she paid with tax and has the recipt of the bag. I also called paypal, ebay and mastercard to verify their buyer protection policy so I have protection from ebay and mastercard in case the seller does not send me the item or if the item is fake.
    Thanks for the input echo! I'm still deciding...

  8. echo, can you suggest "reassurance" info that I could ask for? she's been helpful and answered all my questions so far....
  9. In my opinion, the feedback feature is not as reliable anymore since there are many sellers out there who sell fakes (and pass them off as real!) but with 100% positive feedback or close. So, maybe you could get the seller to promise a full refund if the bag turns out not authentic or what you expected. Hope that helps!
  10. I personally wouldn't. I have bought something from someone with 0 feedback before BUT only because they lived close and I picked it up and paid on the spot. Too much risk in my opinion. eBay sellers can say whatever they want to convince you, photos may be stolen, you never know.

    Then again everyone starts off with 0. Same applies to me. But I would still be very apprehensive. Too much money to risk.
  11. Im nervous...
  12. I would not do it at all.... really! too risky...
  13. Is it the GST that you're looking? I saw one on eBay, and quite surprise that there's no bid because the starting price is not too bad.

    If it's authentic, you get really great bargain.

    Good luck.
  14. I would, if my credit card would help me do a chargeback in case it doesn't come or is fake AND if I had the time/patience for dealing with the situation if it went downhill. Sometimes you can get an EXCELLENT deal if you're not afraid to step into the unkown! :smile:
  15. YES! I ended up buying it. Only because I have a good feeling about the seller. She seems really genuine. I hope I'm right!