Has anyone bought a used bag with black handles

  1. and successfully cleaned them with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, so they had a patina, but no dirt? I have seen the pictures posted here, but it didn't seem like any of them started with really black handles...I was wondering if it worked?

  2. I posted before, once they get that black you are better off taking the bag back to the store and have the handles replace, downfall is being without the bag for a while. I think i'ts worth it....
  3. I think black handles would be really hard to clean even with the magic eraser. The magic eraser does make the vachetta really dry after you use it and if the handles are black, you have to do some serious scrubbing. I'd just get the handles replaced.
  4. i agree with everyone else. i think that its worth getting them replaced since the leather becomes very dull and dry after being cleaned with the magic eraser.
  5. I would just replace the handles its 175 or so.
  6. I would replace the handels.
  7. That's too much :wtf:, I paid less than a 100.00$.. ask around first...
  8. I say replace them too!
  9. It's around $120 to replace both of the handles and the 4 vachetta that the handles are attached to.