Has anyone been to the trunk show before?

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  1. Hi all,

    I just got the invitation card from my SA to the spring/summer 07 trunk show next week. I'm so look forward to it Can anyone tell me if I can take any picture of the handbags? therefore I can share with you guys and make a note of it.
    Thank you so much!!
  2. I noticed you were in So Cal. Is it a trunk show for South Coast Plaza???
  3. Mine (San Diego) is on this coming Monday. I'm def showing up
  4. Trunk shows are just *blah* for me... no biggie. You basically go and check out their new stuff and that's it. As for the picture-taking, I doubt it... most luxury boutiques don't like it when you take pics of their products, but you can try if you want :smile:

  5. are you going to be there?? I will try to swing by ..
  6. Yeah, no pictures allowed! But you can try! :p
  7. ^Trunk shows are okay. You really do just basically check new stuff and maybe put your name on a waitlist. No fan fare whatsoever.
  8. use ur cell phone w/out a flash...mine turn out pretty good that way. if you're discreet about it they will probably think you're just playing on your cell phone :biggrin:
  9. Thank you all for replying. The trunk show is gonna be in San Diego.
  10. ^^^ aww. enjoy though!
  11. Stefania and I were invited to the Scottsdale boutique's trunk show on Feb. 20th :smile:

    Can't wait!!
  12. That is a good idea .. please if possible can you take a photo of the Love tote:shame: