Has anyone been to the outlet lately?

  1. I am looking for a Gucci in pink fabric. Since it is past season, wondering if anyone see any left at the outlet stores? Is it even possible to get one? There are so many on eBay but there are even more fakes in i-XXXXr site. Thanks.
  2. I was at a Neiman's and Sak's outlet last week and didn't see any monogram gucci.. I don't know about the Gucci outlet though.
  3. I went to the Desert Hills outlet two weeks ago and did not see any.
  4. Yeah, I think that season is long gone now.... you may have to risk eBay for that color!
  5. I actually saw a few real ones on eBay if you're interested. I have a pink wallet so I was browsing for a matching purse, but I kinda don't want the wallet anymore.