Has anyone been to the LeSportSac outlet north of Seattle?

  1. What do they carry? Is it worth a three hour drive? We'll be doing other shopping as well. TIA:smile:
  2. They do charge sends...you could just call and ask what they have and have them ship it to you?
  3. I was there 2 times in one week about 2 weeks ago, and the first day they had lot of Adio Star, some Pardiso, some Inferno. the second time I went a few days later, they had hardly any inferno or parardiso left, mostly adio star. However, I overhead the SA saying they just got in the Pirata, and it would be in the store shortly, so they proably have Pirata there now. I don't know what they have now. I'm 45 minutes from there, but It's still a half-day excursion for us to get up there with my kids. Call before you make the trip for sure! Their selection was not impressive, and it's a really small store.
  4. Now that I remember, they display one of the bags they have in stock, and they have the other's stashed in drawers underneath the display, and they are happy to pull out more for you to check the print placements, so even though their display is not impressive, they do have more hidden away.
  5. I emailed them today. This is what they have.
    We currently have the Adios Star, Pirata, Fumo and a limited supply of the Inferno, Paradiso and Bianco.
  6. Are they all 25% off still? Or has the prices gone down more?

  7. They are still all 25% off, I believe. (At least for paradiso and adios star)

    Here is what they have for Inferno though: Trenino, Scuola, Bambino, Bocce, Corriere, and Luna as of July 25th