Has anyone been to a Legacy Boutique?

  1. The one in NYC opens the end of October and I will be there. Apparently there are two or three others already in existance. I am dying...will I find new and eciting things that we haven't seen online or in the books....
    I know it says I am banned but I think I may be able to make one last purchase.
  2. What is a Legacy boutique anyway? Or is it an obvious name where it's a store that sells only Legacy pieces?
  3. A Legacy Boutique is one that sells exclusive items such as the Legacy and Thompson Line which will not be carried by all the Coach stores. There is one opening on Bleeker Street at the end of October and I plan on visiting this store. They will have styles which are exclusive to their store as well.
  4. I will definitely be making my way into Manhattan to see the Legacy Boutique!
  5. do we know where (if any) the other are? seems odd they arnt advertising it much, or at least I havent seen anything but on here....
  6. Does anyone know if these Boutique items will be available on the Coach web site?
    Or maybe that defeats the purpose of being exclusive.
  7. I dont think there are any other legacy boutiques.. they just came back out with legacy last year for the 65th anniversary (according to what the manager told me)
  8. I was told that there are three of these boutiques by a SA. She thought there was one in California
  9. I would love to visit a Legacy Boutique. The Legacy line is my absolute favorite line that Coach has brought out!
  10. Hmmm... I probably don't have to worry then. The Hawaii stores carry everything in their boutiques. Not like I'd ever buy at Hawaii retail, but what's at the boutiques must eventually go to our outlet!! Whoo-hoo!!

  11. I think the one in Beverly Hills is a legacy boutique.
  12. I'll be visiting the NYC store!
  13. I forgot those stores were opening this month! I'll be in NYC twice in November so I'm totally checking it out.
  14. omg love legacy gotta go!! ill be in ny dec 1-3 i will be going
  15. Somebody please takes pics and post!!!