Has anybody seen THIS????

  1. Take a look ladies and gents....

    courtesy: bagsnob.com
  2. It looks like it could come alive and bite your hand, arm or head off any second. .. :s
  3. ^Thanks Duna :heart:,
    the Cameron messenger bag is okay, the many compartments are nice touches but I have to say that the Steve messenger looks a lot better. :yes: But it is always nice to have a bag the way he uses it, everybody has different ways to use their bags. The rest of the articles are nice too.

    I'm more interested to see if they will make the Sac a main 24/24 as a regular collection, it's really something I would buy.

    I wonder about H sur mesure, is it Bespoke or Made to Measure, there are entirely different animals.

    ETA: I read Tina's comment about Pharrell's new purple bag, LOL! Oh geez ................
  4. I agree with you: I prefer the Steve to the Cameron aswell, and the Sac a main 24/24 (it is the one in Le Monde, right?) I think is absolutely gorgeous!!!! As for the Pharrell HAC.......:wtf: scary!!
  5. I do love violet croc but that pic... :wtf:
  6. ^ That's quite the Big HAC! ;)
  7. Pharrell's HAC is just garish... the size, the colour and the hardware. I am actually amazed Hermès actually made that bag.
  8. It´s huge yes, but I love the colour.
  9. I don't recall seeing it in the Le Monde, my SM told me it's a special edition for the reopening of the mothership but may be offer in the next coming podium, :s. It looks exactly like the LV monogram Reporter PM (but with no external pockets - for comparison purposes), :p. I need a smallish messenger style bag, but don't want anything too gigantic. They had 2 pieces and both in croc €23k, :push: I think about 28 or 30cm. Not the kinda style I want in croc. For me, it's a utilitarian bag, but I want H quality, ;).
  10. To quote someone I used to work with:

    'Money talks and BS walks'

    My opinion is that it is hard to say no to a client who spends LOTS of money in their store. I mean if he buys all their clothes, shoes, jewelry etc. .............. and the press may get another field day on this if they hear that H says no to his croc order. :rolleyes:
  11. Violet Violet Violet!!!! But I think if the croc were still alive, it could eat me!
  12. why if i may ask? H offers croc in this size as well as gold/pall. hardware and violet as a color so all is pretty standard aka it is not like he got a camouflage printed croc with plastic see thru hardware and spikes kwim? .and if he is happy so am i and i am sure so is hermès
    and yes i would totally carry that bag if it were given to me if i had to pay i would take rouge h matte croc
  13. I Heart that camron bag, so hot. I don't know about the handle cutouts though, i guess it give it a tote option. Cute anyone know the price, dare i say it looks affordable.
  14. It was $11K for him.
  15. yeah but i assume that woudl include the designing and consultations fees, making trials etc. it was a 4 month project working on a single bag. I heard it was goign to be available to the public too. W/E unfortunately im not really ready for H bags anyway.