Has Anybody ever seen....

  1. a Damier Speedy 25 with natural vachetta trim? I swear I saw one years years ago on Ebay...didn't buy it because I thought 400 USD was alot for a used speedy. I thought I'd see another one some day and I never have. Or was I just crazy? I'm doubting my memory now. Maybe I just dreamed up the whole bag? Help me remember if you can.
  2. No I haven´t
  3. Never seen that either
  4. A friend of mine saw that IRL, i think it was a SO
  5. Thanks...I had thought maybe it was part of the centenaire collection that was really limited in 1996-1997. Damier with natural vachetta has always been my dream bag and I've asked a number of times if this could possible be a special order. Each time I've been hold no. It's not a combination they will put together. SO I guess I'll keep on dreamin!
  6. Why can't they make damier with vachetta?!:confused1:
  7. The only Damier that I know of or have seen is the Centenaire Collection. I think a damier speedy with vachetta handles would be awesome.:flowers:
    Great taste:yes:
  8. I saw a Damier bucket on E-bay about 6 months ago with Vachetta trim - it was gorgeous!
  9. hmmm.....that's odd, you would think they would let you, since you can do different linings sometimes.
  10. Yeah, I've seen a Noe from that same collection!
  11. No, it's not odd. The centenaire collection was released specifically to commemorate an anniversary. If people were allowed to request special orders based on this collection after the anniversary, then that would defeat the whole purpose/meaning of the collection, KWIM?