Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman!

  1. Well love is blind...especially when there is money involved. Do you really think she would of looked at him twice if he didn't have all his money?
  2. True that.
  3. This may sound weird but there are many men who are not traditionally attractive but talented and brilliant that I think are really sexy!
  4. He might be great in bed and and interesting to talk to....maybe he makes her laugh.....
  5. There are many good looking men who are bad in bed and dumb!
  6. ITA Roo I love an intelligent, nice, fun man.. clean & classic style and it could be love ( for me)
  7. Definitely! I didn't even think of the golddigging type until Hubba pointed it out...
  8. She's gorgeous, and yeah he isn't the most attractive man in my eyes but she may find him incredible.
  9. Well, she may not be as rich as him, but she's one of the owners of the Marchesa clothing line that all the stars are wearing lately, especially Jennifer Lopez, so she can't be that destitute.
  10. I met Harvey a few years back at the bar waiting for a friend at the St. Regis. He was so nice and at the time, I knew he looked familiar but couldn't place him. So he buys drinks for me and my friend, we end up talking to him for about 3 hours. Never once was there that "I'm rich *****" attitude about him. Really cool guy.

    I'm happy for them. :flowers:

  11. They might seem like an unlikely couple but they do seem happy. And they both are successful and run in the same circles, he deals with celebrities and the entertainment industry and in a way so does she!
  12. I just remember it was scandalous for awhile because I first heard about him being supposedly involved with her way back while he was still married, and I think he gave her fashion house some perks back then. And then they went public with it so I guess it was true. But, I guess it's good they finally made it legal. Good wishes to them.
  13. He was married before? God help me, I always thought he was gay! Or am I thinking of his brother?
  14. He's 53. She's 29. He's supposed to be a tough control freak. Marchesa is a year old and already the gowns are worn on the red carpet. Why are they worn on the red carpet? Because the celebrities, their agents, managers and lawyers need to please Weinstein, who, don't forget, has his own film company.

    Marchesa would be nothing without Miramax and the financial support of his company.

    Would she love him if he weren't so damn rich and if he didn't financially support her company and get the stars to wear her clothes on the red carpet? Gee I don't know. What do you think?