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  1. Did Louis Vuitton ever use this type of clasps on their straps ? Thank you in advance :smile:

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  2. Any insight , anybody ?
  3. Not that I've ever seen. I know LV has changed their hardware a bit over the years but this one isn't one I recognize to be theirs...will be interesting to see what other members have to say.
  4. Yes it will be, I hope others will share any insights...thank you Miss Krys
  5. Trevi strap has a similiar clasp...never seen it on a mono though..
  6. The shape is what's throwing me off. If you look closely at the Trevi you'll see that the clasp portion is more squarish/boxy in shape and the one here is rounded.
  7. Yes, that's what I thought too
  8. Yeah, I know, it looks wierd...
  9. My Eva has a vachetta strap w gold clasps. Never seen a mono strap though. :sad:
  10. I have a mono strap that has clasps like that, it's older.
  11. Thank you, SpeedyJC
  12. Yes, vintage LV