Hardware questions?

  1. Hey ladies, I have a quick question.

    I posted before about my hardware on my Tracy being faulty. I called Chloe and since I bought the bag in Italy, they asked me about the color of my hardware. Is the hardware different colors in different countries? I never paid much attention, I guess, and my hardware is a goldish/yellowish color. Any thoughts?
  2. The hardware does change by year, season, and bag style. It may be that the bag was only stocked in one certain country?
  3. Hmm well it was the Tracey and I've seen it in the US also. (I got it in Italy) but I feel like the hardware is a little bit more yellowish/goldish than brass.

    Nevertheless, Nordstrom is helping me so hopefully it will be fixed. Thanks for your response.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy replacements for the nuts & bolts (black)on the chloe tracy bag? The chloe store directed me to a great shoe repair store off 5th avenue, but they no longer have these...thanks!
  5. Look for a post from beanie where she talks about a repair shop she has used frequently and that she is very happy with. If you can't find it - you can always private message her!