Hardware metal?

  1. I apologize if this seems like a silly question or if it has been asked already - all of my lurking around the Balenciaga thread these past few weeks has not answer this question for me. Which metal(s) are the giant gold & silver and regular hardwares made of? Giant gold = vermeil? Painted steel? Also, any stories of scratched hardware, hardware coming off, etc? TIA! :smile:
  2. anyone? :s
  3. I have been meaning to ask the same thing! Mine is tarnishing a bit : (
  4. hi, Nadia - thanks for chiming in. The potential for tarnishing is good to know. Which hardware do you have? regular or giant? I called Aloha Rag ages ago, and it seems I'm the first to ask this question. They didn't know either, but will get back to me once/if they find out.

    I called BalNY today, and the sales associate said the regular hardware is made of bronze. She did not know which metal the giant hardware was made of. Also, the SA at BalNY said they never had problems with tarnishing with any of the hardwares. Go figure.

    Regular hardware is made of bronze. Giant gold and silver are still being looked into.

  5. Thanks for update. Yes I know that the regular ones are made out of bronze. I have the Giant though & I think it is only metal, thus the slight tarnishing. Mine is in gold. Let's keep each other posted...Pls!
  6. how much more ($) is the hardware metals compared to the original ones?
  7. does anyone know what styles and colors have been made with GGH?
  8. If I am not mistaken, it's about $300-$400 more than the signature / original Motorcycles that 1st came out. As for GH styles, the last I left off, there was City, Part-Time, Brief, Work, Hobo, Day & the latest one I saw in their website is a big round shaped one with short straps. There is a colour chart & style list under Reference Library of the Balenciaga thread.
  9. my wife is interested in purchasing a balenciaga purse with "gold" hardware. the comment from the store is that the purses change over time. currently there is a one year warranty. anybody have any experience with "gold" hardware changes as this would destroy the beauty of the bad. any other thoughts are welcome.
  10. I ve been wondering the same thing, i have sahara city, and in some parts (handles) the metal is dying the leather green, i wonder if its copper or bronze. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. hi

    Does anyone know any thread where i can see more of the balenciaga hardwares through the years?