hard to let go of your LV?

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  1. hey all!

    i'm considering consigning a couple of items, and i'm having a hard time committing to the idea of doing it. anybody else have a really hard time letting it go? i've got a couple of things that i just do NOT use (a couple of SLGs and a couple of bags), and i'm sure they would go to somebody that would love them and use them. it's just hard. i've let go of some non-LV, but this is much more difficult. how do you deal with the guilt and sadness if you experience it?

    for the record, this is not a solicitation for offers or an attempt to sell or trade anything on here! i'm not even going to say which items they are.
  2. If you really don't think you'll ever use it again, you should let it go...

    I've decided to learn to love all my older items again... because I can't bear it going for a too-low price. I always check the local ads to see what they're going for... and if those people are having a hard time selling, then I just decide to keep mine and love it again.
  3. it is very sad for me to sell one of my babies..

    i sold my white mc Alma a month ago because i only used it like five times in two years.
    i still feel sad right now everytime i think or saw someone carrying the same bag..

    but then buying a new LV to replace it does help alot :graucho:
  4. If you use some of the funds for a new LV maybe you would feel better. I sold two bags I hardly ever used and it was hard ....but used the $$ to buy a bigger LV, which I use everyday!
  5. Just let go of my Speedy Mono 35, cos I hardly ever used her at all.
    I tried her out again this morning, did feel a little heart pain looking at her.Holding her infront of the mirror. But I knew she would just end up back in the closet so I brought her to a Luxury Second Hand Shop.I was contemplating all the way there.Should I or should I not. In the end I don´t regret it cos I now can put the money towards a Bag that will be realy Loved and used.

    If you realy do not Love those Items as much as others and they only get used a couple of time a year, then I´d say go ahead and make space for a new replacement :tup: But be absolutely sure before you do.Cos replacing the exact same Bag cos you miss it, can be costly.
  6. I sell LV's that I don't use to help fund new LV's -- no regrets!!
  7. I do..I'm feeling like I want to change my collection, and want to rehash..but I can't bear to part with any of my LVs right now, so I'll just keep using what I have and keep saving and waiting. This is probably because I have a small collection. Don't rush your decision, as you lose money when you sell, and re-purchasing could be at an even higher price than what you paid for.
  8. I have a hard time letting go my LVs, too. Especially bags I got a long time ago. I feel the older bags' quality are better, it's just not the same with the newer bags. That's why I think for me, it's better to keep them.
  9. I haven't let go of any of my LVs yet as I find use for all of them but I have let go of a Balenciaga bag recently without regrets and the money was used to buy an LV bag (which is the brand I absolutely love more nowadays).
  10. I do!!! There are some of my old handbags that are not even brand names, that i do not use, that i have been considering selling to fund my LV and other nicer handbags and it is hard!!! Because i look at them and i like them! LOL But i do not use them. Two days ago i was thinking that i really need to sell them, and i will. It is just hard to let them ago. I can't even imagine trying to let go any of my LV items. Totally understand your feeling.
  11. no because I already fell out of love!!
  12. I feel like that all the time!! I have quite a few bags that just sit in my closet and are never ever used! I love taking them out and looking at them, but I don't use them! Yet I cannot bear to part with them!! Especially all my coin purses, they are NEVER used and just in boxes I don't know how to persuade myself to sell them, I feel I will miss them too much
  13. Kind of...I sold my damier T&B mini pochette which I don't use very much, but with quite a lot of hesitation as I love how cute it is.
  14. OMG! Me? Not a problem at all. I am such an anti-packrat that I get itchy if anything of mine is sitting and being unused. It feels wrong to me to know that what I have could be enjoyed by someone else. So if I am not using it OUT IT GOES! While I have a gorgeous bag wardrobe, every bag needs to earn its keep!
  15. I can assure you that the bags you sell do go to good homes! :smile: Have just bought two beautiful bags, which were in pristine condition and likewise, will be gently used by me. I feel that the older LV bags are of better quality.