Happy Valentine's ring......

  1. Just wanted to share my Valentine gift with the LV'ers....
    We went to Rodeo last week and did a bit of shopping.
    My cat's were so excited to see, they were trying to get in the bag:nuts: .
    We bought the Transparent Inclusion ring to go with my bracelet....and the Pomme Inclusion ring and bracelet.
    I :heart: My Valentine.
    VdayKitties2007.jpg InclusionVday.jpg Vuittonkitties.jpg InclusionVday2.jpg
  2. cute kitties! i love your new v-day presents!
  3. Congrats!! The kitties are so cute. The inclusions looks gorgeous on you:love: ....what's in the Hermes bag:rolleyes:
  4. congrats! cute cats!
  5. Awesome new purchases! Congrats! ;)
  6. Congrats! They're beautiful and your cats are so cute =))
  7. Cute kitties. Inclusions has totally grown on me.
  8. Awesome !!
  9. so gorgeous!!!
  10. Congrats they're beautiful choices!!! Happy Valentines & I LUV ur kitties!!!
  11. Congrats! Very cute! I wanna know too... what's in the Hermes bag?
  12. aww, ur cats are soo cute! and congrats on ur Inclusion pieces, great for summer!
  13. Congrats. Your kitties are so cute!
  14. congrats!! love the inclusion bracelet!!
  15. Cute looks like a good shopping day!