Happy Valentines Day to Me!

  1. and a happy Vday to all you lovlies here in tPF!

    my story begins on a quick trip to my local mall to pick up a chocolate covered strawberry and a chocolate mousse cheesecake for my boyfriend. i decided to stop by Nordstrom because i had recently (2 days ago actually) bought a MbMJ Little Tote and i was super greatful to my SA for putting one on hold for me the moment they got them in. I saw her, said my thanks, and to my surprise i heard "...and here are some new MbyMJ we just got in". i turn around and i spy some NEW black and red bags that had NOT been there 2 days before. so after the ladies moved on to other things, i went to the display and LO AND BEHOLD...my DREAM BAG: a MbyMJ Turnlock Teri in RED!! now i have been absolutely LUSTING after a turnlock teri in red for a long time...even watched a couple on eBay, but they always went for more than i wanted to pay. 'NOT THIS TIME' i thought to myself...and, well...the rest as they say is history :yahoo:
  2. Yeah, congrats what a lovely valentine, the red teri is fab :woohoo:
  3. Very nice! The red Teri is so gorgeous!:heart:
  4. That is a perfect Valentine gift. Love the red!
  5. I love the new style of "Teri" it's super cute, (similar to another hard to find style that I don't know the name of) - congrats!
  6. What a nice V-day surprise...gorgeous color :heart::love: Congrats!!
  7. I love the color on that Teri! Also, I purchased the Pretty Nylon hobo this weekend too! Same material, different shape.
  8. so pretty!!!!!! may i ask how much you got her for??
  9. Congrats on your pretty V-day red bag!!!
  10. i believe retail is $428 or $438...too lazy to go to my closet n grab the bag, i'm supposed to be sleeping right now! after tax, its around $460 :p

    i kept thinking about it aaaaaaaaaall night during dinner and dessert at this yummy frozen yogurt place...and i finally managed to convince my boyfriend to let me get another bag (or two!) :] i plan on unveiling it tomorrow! eeeeeek!
  11. Hot bag! Great day!
  12. What beautiful bags--congrats!!
  13. Congrats! That's great to stumble on your dream bag so randomly!
  14. cute bags! i love the red. its so rich!
  15. perfect of valentines day.