Happy Valentines Day!!! Loving my gift!!!

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  1. iv been wanting this bag in my collection for awhile now. But couldnt pick which color!

    Here She is! Lindsay in mineral!!!

    sorry about only one pic and not a great one...im not home so snapped a pic with my cell...ill post better ones later to get a better picture of the color!

    i also got 24 beautiful roses!

  2. Wow, beautiful!!!
  3. awesome gift! love this bag:biggrin:
  4. Gorgeous bag.... so in love with that color!
  5. The color is so different!! i wanted this bag in teal but realized i couldnt wear the color with just anything...so im glad i got it in mineral! i love this bag!!:yahoo:
  6. Beautiful and such a great gift!! Congrats.
  7. thank you..i cant wait to carry her!!!
  8. Great color! Happy Valentines Day!
  9. what a pretty color! love it!!!!congrats sweety!

    modeling pics?!:smile:
  10. Beautiful!!
  11. Beautiful!
  12. ill be adding more pictures with my camera when i get home..my celly dosnt take the best of pictures lol
  13. Beautiful!!! Isn't the mineral so pretty! Congratulations! She's lovely!
  14. very pretty! glad you got your bag
  15. WOW gorgeous color and style!!! congrats!!!