Happy Thursday to me!!!! Reveal!!!!!

  1. She is a stunner, congrats once again!!!;)
  2. So, I'm really tired now and I will go to bed...

    Saying good night with two close up pics, one with flash, one without... will add more pics of my beauty tomorrow :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::love::cloud9::love:
    064 - Kopie.jpg 063 - Kopie.jpg
  3. Thank you!!! :woohoo:
  4. Congrats!!!!!! Very nice red makes me :hbeat::love: so happy u got it!!! I wanna get something in red too but i'm afraid i won't be using as much as i would as i always reachfor black/blue bags rather than red... ....Anyway, ur black gst isn't lonely more..she would be happy to have a gorgeous red hot twin!....hehe...:biggrin: any mod pics to share.....???
  5. Yay, congrats!!!!
  6. Gorgeous red GST, congrats!
  7. Gorgeous red GST! Congratulations! Enjoy her in good health! I'll wait for your next reveal.
  8. Beautiful color! Congrats on your purchase!
  9. Congratulations! Love the red :smile:
  10. Such a gorgeous color enjoy it!
  11. Dear MaryJoe!!! Beautiful red GST!!! I love it!!! I'm so excited for you and I'm hoping you'll soon find your dream red flap too! Enjoy and many congrats!
  12. Congrats on your gorgeous red gst!!! What a wonderful addition to your collection!!
  13. Thank you very much!!! Yes, my black GST now has a companion :p
    You should really have a look at this red, it's gorgeous!! :heart:
    I will try to make mod pics this weekend, when I've got more time
  14. Thank you soo much for stopping by, Ladies!!! I'm really in love with this red, it's sooo pretty :love::cloud9::love: And I love the GST style, so I'm really happy I got this style in this gorgeous colour
  15. Aww, thank you poohbag, my dear tpf friend!!! :hugs:
    You also know how long I've been wanting red Chanel bags and now I got my first one :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: And the 14C GST is a real beauty, glad I got it!!! Hopefully I can add my HG, soon!!! Fingers crossed :graucho: