Happy Holidays to all

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  1. I wanted to wish everyone a great holiday and wanted to know if anyone else feels bad being on the computer like this on Christmas . . . This place is like a drug.
    I was just curious . . . but as you can tell, the guilt has not got me to move away from the computer. My brain is telling me "BACK AWAY FROM THE DESK, YOU CAN LOOK AT SHOPMOM'S AND DC'S BAGS TOMORROW".

    My family is probably planning my intervention
  2. LOLOL!!!!! You are NOT alone!!!!!!

    Whenever there's a lull in the storm that is my house, I'm on tPF!!!!!

    Happy Holidays, Candace.....don't worry....you don't need intervention YET!!!!
  3. merry xmas! :smile:
  4. Um, Shopmom, what WOULD qualify as needing an intervention?????

    (And a very merry winter holiday of your choosing to all!)
  5. Hmm... at my brother's house today I hopped online to look up instructions for my niece's new toy and considered hijacking the laptop straight over here to check in ... I think I'm close to scheduling my own intervention...
  6. ha ha! candace, you are not alone. forunately, i have a palm treo that gives me access to my emails/websites even without my PC. so even if i'm in the car, or at a family gathering - i check on my tPF friends and see what's up! :jammin: