Happy Feet!

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  1. You must all go watch happy feet. I'm obsessed with Penguins now.
    If you have kids, take them they will love it. It has adult humor and you will enjoy it. Who has seen it?

  2. I haven't seen it as its not yet out in the UK! But I wanna see it, it looks so cute and the trailer is funny :smile:
  3. I love Happy Feet! One of my favorite animated movies! So adorable!

    "don't get too close, 'cause i am close to the edge. i'm trying not to lose my head" lol lol
  4. I want to see it so bad! Maybe I'll see it next weekend.
  5. It was #1 movie in USA. Tickets were sold more than Casino Royale! Want to see it so bad.
  6. I just saw it Saturday...really cute movie for the little ones.

  7. ha ha.. one of my favorites too.
  8. I saw it last weekend and liked it! I just wish the baby penguins had more airtime. They were the sweetest part of the whole film :love:
  9. i just saw it today in IMAX format....omg! so funny! and smart/adult for the most part. plus the penguins were fuzzy and just plain cute.

    i wish they'd left out about 2 minutes of the the end, but what can you do.
  10. i so want to see this movie! of course, i'd take my nephew with me... hopefully this weekend.
  11. I loved it! And have you seen the little mumble that you can stuff at Build-a-bear?! I totally want to do this!
  12. My boyfriend and I made one! We call him our child, lol. I'll post a pic when I get the chance. I told them to put lots of stuffing in him and make him extra fat, hahahaha.
  13. I saw it last week and it was a fun movie with some good messages too..IMO
  14. Saw Happy Feet today and loved it!! The music is great and I thought "the amigos" were hillarious!
  15. I saw it today!!!! Aaaaaaawwwwww!!! The penguins are just so adorable. I ran out and bought the soundtrack the minute I left the theater.