happy (early) birthday to me! nordies GCs to spend! yahoo!

  1. so i now have Nordstrom GCs burning a hole in my pocket. anyone seen anything good lately?

    bags perferable, but doesn't have to be. i don't need anymore jeans though....never thought i'd hear myself say that.... :wlae:
  2. Whatcha like?
  3. First off HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fabulous PFer!! YAY! :party:

    And as for that gift card, hmm how about some jewelry from David Yurman? :graucho: His bracelets are really pretty!
  4. ^^^ oh there's an idea....i did want jewelry and didn't get any (yet...i still have two more days of presents. hehe)

    and thanks for the birthday wishes sparkles! :flowers:
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