Happy Birthday to Me!!...Here's my BDay Gift

  1. This is my birthday gift from my BF :love: a few of you may remember a while ago me asking about which Epi color to get out of Red, Black, Blue or Yellow. Well I decided and it became my birthday pressie.

    What do you think??
    Yellow Cannes.jpg Yellow Cannes 2.jpg
  2. WOW!! What a nice present!!!!!! i love the purple inside:yahoo:
    Happy birthday to you:flowers:
  3. :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:That is soo cute!!
    Happy Birthday to you- Have fun....
  4. Very nice..I adore the purple lining..
    Happy Birthday to you !!!
  5. Aww.. a cannes ! congrats !
  6. Oh my gosh that is adorable!! Congrat's.
  7. LOVE IT!!! CONGRATS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:flowers:
  8. CONGRATs...Not only is Purple my favourite colour but I adore pressie's. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. Very cute! Those 2 colors look great together!
  10. Yellow Epi is so sunny & fun, it looks like B-Day confetti wih the purple lining. So happy & fun! Congratulations & [​IMG] Happy Birthday!!!
  11. :drinkup: Cheers! Happy Birthday! :balloon:

    Love it, it is so cute!
  12. Love it!!!Gongratulations!
  13. I was really torn between which color to get but I just fell in love with this one I love the contast between the colors and it is really eye catching I'm so happy with it
  14. I absolutely adore yellow Epi w/ purple lining!
    Happy Birthday!:party:

    The purple lining is so cute...it's like SURPRISE! when you open it!