Happy Birthday To Me! Here Are My Presents!!!!

  1. Let me just say the day didn't start so well but turned out to be GREAT so far, LV was awesome! I am in LOVE with the mens f/w bequia bags and I will be getting one!!!!!!!! The New greyish olympe color is SO HOT! They had the 2 on display. I saw soo many great things, I cannot wait to go back! A couple of the SA'S told me that about 5 people came into buy the Millionaires and I was the ONLY one who got them and they kept referring to me! I felt so special lol. Also when he was packaging up my gifts I looked at the reciept and saw that I got my 2nd VIP GIFT I then asked him what it was and he said, " oh nothing with a big smirk on his face" haha, he said Happy Birthday Matt!!!

    Any ways... ENJOY!!!

    Monte Carlo Loafer in Cognac, Monogram Speeding Sneaker, Damier Geant Speeding Sneaker, Zephyr Sneaker, and last but not least....my Crystal Trunk VIP GIFT!!! :smile:




  2. gorgeous shoes! love everything
    congrats & happy birthday
  4. That trunk is beautiful!! And congrats on all the bday gifts and of course...happy bday!!!

    BTW Matt, did you see the PM or GM size? Did you think the PM was too small?
  5. Thank you!!! I saw the PM, I thought it was perfect!!! but I love all size bags whether it be big or small. But they had 2 PM's!
  6. Happy Birthday Matt
  7. Happy Birthday. Nice Shoes. How big is that VIP gift??
  8. oooh, Happy Birthday!! I have got to get the BF those damier shoes!! And that Trunk is sooo pretty!!
  9. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! and congrats!!!
  11. :balloon:Happy Birthday :balloon: and congrats on your new LV!!!

    Love your Damier Speedings I'll have to show BF I don't think he's seen them yet and you know how he loves his trainers do you have Modelling pics??

    That crystal trunk - I think I hate you :p
  13. Now...comparing to other bags you've seen, which bag do you think the PM is the closest to, size-wise?
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :party::dothewave: Congrats on all your goodies, they are TDF! :smile:
  15. Happy Birthday! Those Damier Geant Speeding Sneakers are stylin'!