Happy Birthday to Me! Happy:) and Sad:(

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  1. OK, I first have to thank all of my TPF enablers for letting me know about the NM buy two sale. I got two Firsts- Sky Blue and Pale Magenta!
    Then I found out Nordies was honoring the sale also , so I got a Black City SGH and a Sky Blue Wallet! I was soooo excited to get some of my dream bags, but the leather on the two First's is pretty disappointing:sad: So I'm not sure what to do...
    The Black City Is amazing leather and I lucked out , because it's an 07 and chevre:wlae: I never thought I would like GH for me, since I only have RH bags. I needed a dressier bag for work.

    I'ts a gorgeous day here in Sunny SoCal, so we will take a drive to Malibu and have brunch.
    Thanks again for all of your helpful and enabling:graucho: posts! Life would definitely not be as fun without the Purse Forum and it's lovely , witty, generous gals:heart::heart::heart:

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  2. Happy birthday! Love the wallet!
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY chloebagfreak! It looks as though you had quite the shopping day! No need to be sad.... break those babies IN!
    Have a fabulous day in Malibu today... Gladstones, perhaps? I am fortunate to be under the same sunshine..heading out for a motorcycle ride with my hubby!
    Have a great BIRTHDAY!
  4. Here is my poor old Magenta...she looks like my legs in the winter:confused1:
    Dry, crackled and white on the handles. I adore the actual color, but was hoping for a bit of shine with the distressing, like my Violet First. Don't know if I can find a better one.
    It actually isn't as shiny as the camera shows.

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  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats on that gorgeous city - the leather looks amazing!
  6. Congrats on your new Balenciaga goodies!!

    Happy Birthday, too! :flowers:
  7. Thanks ~ Bella~ We are going to Coogies, come on over! We will be two blondes with a tall gorgeous boy, my son!
    I was sad because the leather on the Firsts aren't all they cracked up to be- no pun intended...
  8. happy birthday. your city and money are gorgeous. your pale magenta looks great too, but if you don't like veiny leather, return it and get something else. in the pic it doesn't look that dry, but i've seen some 08 pale magenta that are really cry and know what you are talking about. i personally don't like dry leather. maybe you should consider another color. the 08 turquoise first i've seen had the yummiest leather ever.
  9. Thanks Haute, Couture, and Jira:flowers:
  10. I love your black city!! Happy Birthday!!
  11. What about just exchanging them for ones with better leather? I'm sure if your NM doesn't have anymore in stock your SA would be willingly to find you the bags from another store... either that or just start breaking them in and maybe moisturize them! Good luck and let us know what you opt to do!

  12. :balloon::balloon::balloon:Happy Birthday:balloon::balloon::balloon:

    I love love love your city! And the SB money is yummy!

    I could go for brunch in Malibu, I'd love a bowl of clam chowder from Gladstones! Have fun!
  13. Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your trip to Malibu;) Congrats on your new bbags, sorry you feel dissapointed!!

  14. Thanks~Del~ I was concerned that they all looked dry for 08... I will probably get a Turquoise, it sound amazing and all of the ones I've seen on here look good. ;)
  15. Thanks Colleen and Bolsvuton! I will ask my SA to find me something smooshy and not so dry.:heart: